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Sports Most Overated players

FOOTBALL- Donovan Mcnabb

BASKETBALL-Carmelo Anthony

BASEBALL-Alex Rodriguez

GOLF-Sergio Garcia

SOCCER- Davis Beckham


Let me know if you have another opinion

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Posted on: June 18, 2008 10:37 am

Top 10 Movies I love

Since everyone else is talking about Tiger, the Celts or even the Mets firing their Manager I will go in a different direction. 


10) Silence Of The Lambs

9) Lord of the Rings (All)

8) Tombstone

7) Lethal Weapons

6) Forrest Gump

5) Unforgiven

4) Saving Private Ryan

3) Gladiator

2) Shawshank Redemption

1) Braveheart




Good Will Hunting




The Usual Suspects

Full Metal Jacket


Fight Club

Primal Fear

Top Gun

Deer Hunter


Pulp Fiction

Requiem For a Dream

Lock Stock and Two Smokin Barrels

The Boondock Saints

Schindlers List

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


Jerry Maguire

Mission Impossible




The Rock

James Bonds (With Sean Connery)

Let me know if you would rank things differently!!!!

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Celts Win!!! Celts Win!!!

The Celtics won by blowing the Lakers out of the building.  To all Lakers fans... You guys got your #@@ kicked. 

Paul Pierce and KG 2 of the more classy players in the NBA and in all sports for that matter finally got the trophy....Something that has eluded them for so long. 


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What are my Terps doing?

Dude I'm concerned about the terps.  Can we compete with the Dukes, or UNC's of the league.  We have a freaken pool of players that may be one of the best areas to recruit from in the entire country and yet we always come up short when it comes to picking up players that fit our system.  It seems as though Gary is dead set on recruiting players that may fly just beneath the radar in an effort to keep players around for more than one year. In some senses I can agree with that but, how come we cant find players that fit the terps gameplan but with more talent and who will stay longer than a year. 

When I think of Terps ball players I see them as extremelly athletic, defense minded and well condiditoned. But they cant shoot.  Why??

Who do you guys see as the best starting five for the Terps in the upcomming season?

Posted on: May 8, 2008 10:47 am
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How bout them Skins?

Maybe Inconsistant is the new Consistant

Since Joe Gibbs retired in 1992 the word that best describes my skins is Inconsistant. Inconsistant in coaching. Inconsistant in players. And finally Inconsistant in owners. 

Its 1999....... and Skins franchise is in limbo.  Jack Kent Cooke has passed leaving the team to his son who can't afford the franchise.  In comes Daniel Snyder, business genius, young entrepeneur with a unique outlook on things, and a die hard Skins fan.  My first thought was, "Hmm thats just what we need someone to shake it up a little bit". 

Its 2008.......Dan has almost a decade under his belt as owner of the Washington Redskins.  In that time he has built one of the most lucrative and successful franchises in the NFL second only to our bitter rivals the Dallas Cowboys (imaine that).  In fact owners are using his formula as a road map on how they should run their franchises.  I gotta give it to the guy he is a damn good businessman.

On the field however the skins have been less than stellar.  Once again the word that comes to mind is Inconsistant.

Heres a list of coaches since the Snyder era began:

  • Norv Turner 1994-2000 (Not his fault)
  • Terry Robiskie 2000* (Interim)
  • Marty Schottenheimer 2001 (Should have kept him)
  • Steve Spurrier 2002-2003 (Huge mistake)
  • Joe Gibbs 2004-2007 (Nice try)
  • Jim Zorn 2008-present (the verdicts still out)

    Here's the thing Snyder is an unbelievably successful businessman and he was prior to him owning my Skins.  But he failed many many times before he found the perect formula for success.  Like I wrote earlier, he has been Inconsistant in the past but it seems to me that this guy is evolving as an owner much like he did as an entrepreneur.  He has tried the Fantasy football free agency with both players and coaches and this year he revamped once again to having a stellar draft (something he has failed to do in the past), giving Zorn all the new tools to run his variation of the West Coast Offense.  Maybe in 20 years we will look back and see that others have used Snyders approach of handling his franchise as well, maybe he has finally picked the right formula for our Skins.  Either way I am still a consitant fan of an inconsistant franchise and I look forward to the future.

    Maybe Inconsistant is the new Consistant!

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    Wheres Barry????

    It's May,  the season is well under way and to me Its surprising that a palyer with the ability of Barry Bonds has not been picked up by someone. Lets be honest here, yeah he's a jerk and yeah he has all of the steroid allegations surrounding him, and yeah he brings a ton of negativity to the clubhouse, but look at his numbers!

    On paper the dude is still a stud and can offer more to a team than most.

    I guess # 1 is that he is asking for entirely to much, and more importantly no one wants to deal with "BARRY" being BARRY"  As I wrote above maybe teams are aware of what they are getting in Bonds and nobody wants to deal with someone who considers himself baseballs God in the locker room and is only putting up a small percentage of the numbers on the field (though those numbes are better than most)

    So why is it hat this guy isnt getting picked up?  Enlighten me......... 

    Furthermore, who are the teams that may benefit from him?

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